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Frequently Asked Questions...............

I have a cabinet full of products, will any of them work?

Maybe and maybe not.  Feel free to bring your products in so we can read the labels together and I can help you learn what to be on the lookout for. Typically, a curly girl only needs  four products and two of those are the cleanser and hydrator.  If you can only invest in one great product, invest in a conditioner.

Why is my hair always frizzy?

Lack of proper hydration is the biggest reason hair is frizzy.  Another culprit is silicone.  Combine the two and you'll have a mess on your head, but don't worry its relatively easy to fix!


How often does my hair need to be cut?

This varies by client, but typically once the shape you desire is achieved I will only need to see you about twice each year.  The factors that increase or decrease the time between visits depend a lot on you.  Great products and effective routines are essential.  I can coach you in both of those areas!

I perform all of my cuts on dry hair.  Whether you have straight or curly hair, it is important for me to see how your hair lives on your head. Growth patterns and problems areas will jump out at me allowing me to suggest solutions. Pony tails crease the hair and when the hair is dirty it doesn't behave the same as it does when it is clean.  Trust me, it matters!


Why does my hair have to be clean and styled when I come in?

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