HAIR CUTS - Curly and Straight

All cuts are performed on dry hair, utilizing techniques learned from DEVA, Curly Hair Artistry and Head Shape Matters. Each curl is cut to optimize its unique pattern in relation to the curls around it. My aim is not to "tame" your curls, but to cultivate them and showcase their beauty.

Curly Cut & Transformation


You come to me with your curly hair clean and styled.  I will perform a curl by curl cut, next you'll receive a complete detox, cleanse, hydration session and style.  Expect to spend 90 to 110 minutes with me.

Curly Cut & Dry Refresh


You come to me with your curly hair clean and styled.  I will perform a curl by curl cut and a dry refresh.  Expect to spend 45 to 60 minutes with me.

Curl Coaching Session


You will receive a complete curly hair coaching session including a hair detox, cleanse and hydration.  I will walk you through product selection and application.  Afterward, you will style your own hair with my guidance.  Expect to spend 60 to 75 minutes with me.  

Precision Cut-Straight Hair


You will come to me with your hair clean and styled as you normally wear it.  I will cut your hair dry, then cleanse and style it. Expect to spend 45 to 60 minutes with me.  



Color the New Growth

$88 and up

This is a retouch of only your new growth. 

Single Process Color

$98 and up

This is a single process color from scalp to ends


$149 and up

Foil or Pintura Highlights will be placed throughout the crown and sides of the head.  

Toner Added to a Color Service

$30 and up



Inner Sense Detox  $35

Product and environmental build up leaves hair lackluster and unable to absorb the hydration it needs. This special detox ceremony will help you achieve naturally healthy hair faster. 

  30 mins 

Subzero Cryotherapy

Deep Treatment

$65 and up

Put Damaged Hair on Ice! 

Subzero Cryotherapy is the coolest way to freeze out damaged hair.  It freezes the Reconstructive and Nourishment inside the hair strand.  The Treatment lasts longer

and penetrates deeper.



A bond re-builder for  compromised hair.

Damage occurs from blow drying, hot tools, chemical processing, exposure to the sun and even everyday brushing.  Includes Olaplex No. 3 Home Treatment  

High Frequency for Thinning Hair


  In nature the sun turns oxygen into ozone. In the violet ray, this is done through a high-frequency, low-current electrical source.You'll find the current produces an agreeable tingling on your scalps surface as it increases oxygenation in the form of ozone in the blood.  It promotes circulation . 10 min session with a cleansing scalp massage.