Hydration - the most important step in your wash day

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Why hydration is the most important step in your wash day.

As a Curl Specialist I talk with clients about their wash day routines and get very excited when we get to the hydration step. While conditioner is vital to hydrating hair, there’s actually something even more vital...WATER! Hydrated hair contains moisture from water. The more water the better for having your curls clump together into what I call ‘little curl families’. These well lubricated curl families hang together which means less friction (meaning you have slip), less friction equates to less frizz which turns into longevity…that means great curls for 2, 3, or even 4 days!

How do we get more water into the hair using conditioner? The answer is physical manipulation. In the Salon I use techniques I learned from Scott Musgrave in his online course, The Map Method. https://www.curlyhairartistry.com/the-map-method-online-course .

1. Begin by warming the conditioner in your wet hands

2. Finger comb through to remove tangles (stay away from your scalp)

3. Finger press and squeeze the conditioner into the hair, adding water whenever the hair begins to feel rough or loses its slippery feel.

4. Use the wet conditioned hair like a sponge and squish the water and conditioner onto the scalp.

5. The squishing sound should be very wet and loud. Keep adding water to the hair while squishing. At this point the hair will be evenly saturated with water and coated with watered down conditioner.

a. For more info about why the manipulation is so important check out http://science-yhairblog.blogspot.com/2018/08/conditioning-technique-squish-to.html .

All this physical manipulation is great for hydration, but it does nothing to aid in smoothing the cuticle of the hair. We want to smooth the cuticle to help keep the humectants and conditioning ingredients in the hair; therefore, we use styling products to help ‘fill’ the cuticle and ‘seal’ the hydration into our wash day set.

Since I am always searching for new and better ways to improve my client’s hair, I have recently invested in a technique called CRYOTHERAPY. In the past, stylists have relied on hot dryers and steamers to help products enter the hair shaft. These techniques are effective, but time consuming.

The Subzero Cryotherapy Treatment (-3 degrees F) will boost nourishment and protein inside the hair strand by freezing the nutrients directly to the strand. It helps speed up the transfer of nutrients to the hair and increases the hair’s absorption, allowing hair strands to repair and hydrate. Because it speeds up the transfer you spend less time in the Salon.

What does this mean for your wash day?

· Better curl clumping

· Less Frizz

· Longer lasting sets with better curl definition

· Soft and Shiny Curls

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does Cryotherapy work? It works by freezing the nutrients present in the hydrating masque as they contact the hair. The ice-iron locks the hydration into the cortex and repairs the cuticle fiber, smoothing the cuticle. This increases the absorption of the masque and guarantees the hair receives the maximum benefits .

How long does it take? The average time for a stand-alone treatment is 40mins, longer for very thick and/or long hair.

What is involved? We begin by cleansing with a clarifying shampoo. Next, we massage in the hydrating masque with the nourishing and protective revitalizing serum. We then take small sections of hair and pass the ice-iron 2-3 times over each section. Finally, we give a cold-water rinse. At this point the Treatment is complete. Of course, you can always add a style to any treatment.

How often should a full treatment be retouched? A Maximum of every 10 days for extremely damaged hair. So much depends on home maintenance and if chemical services are part of your regular hair routine.

Is the procedure suitable for all hair types? Yes. The treatment was developed to help all types of damaged hair. Kinky Curly Curls will love the great curl definition and elongation. There is less shrinkage for the wash & go due to the hydration. Wavy/Curly will love the volume and definition.

How much is it? A stand-alone treatment is $65. A treatment added to a transformation or color service is $45. Very thick hair and/or long hair requiring more time and product will be additional.

Have a great Curl Day


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