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Hydration - the most important step in your wash day

Updated: Jul 12, 2021



Hydration, the most important step to stunning hair

I love curls! That’s why I specialize in them. Teaching curly girls and women (and even some boys and men) to LOVE their locks is something I get very excited about! I find that many people who have curls have a difficult time managing them. It doesn’t have to be hard. I’m going to teach you how to have the best curls ever!

The most important element in hydrating your hair is WATER! Right?! While conditioner is vital to hydrating hair, the moisture that comes from water is the most essential ingredient to health curls. The more water you add, the better for having your curls clump together into what I call ‘little curl families’. These well lubricated curl families hang together, which means less friction (meaning you have slip), less friction equates to less frizz which turns into longevity…that means great curls for 2, 3, or even 4 days!

How do we get more water into the hair using conditioner? The answer is physical manipulation. In the Salon I use techniques I learned from Scott Musgrave in his online course, The Map Method. .

1. Begin by warming the conditioner in your wet hands

2. Finger comb through to remove tangles (stay away from your scalp)

3. Finger press and squeeze the conditioner into the hair, adding water whenever the hair begins to feel rough or loses its slippery feel.

4. Use the wet conditioned hair like a sponge and squish the water and conditioner onto the scalp.

5. The squishing sound should be very wet and loud. Keep adding water to the hair while squishing. At this point the hair will be evenly saturated with water and coated with watered down conditioner.

a. For more info about why the manipulation is so important check out .

All this physical manipulation is great for hydration, but it does nothing to aid in smoothing the cuticle of the hair. We want to smooth the cuticle to help keep the humectants and conditioning ingredients in the hair; therefore, we use styling products to help ‘fill’ the cuticle and ‘seal’ the hydration into our wash day set.


You have probably heard of Cryotherapy for sports injuries or your skin, but the benefits extend to health hair and it’s AWESOME!

Our new Subzero Cryotherapy Treatment (-3 degrees F) will infuse the hair with Hyaluronic acid, collagen and acai berry. That might sound like harsh chemicals, but Hyaluronic acid is something your body naturally produces! We use a special process to ensure that every strand of hair is lubricated before using our cryotherapy ice-iron to seal the magic into each hair strand.

The result is, repaired damage, healthy, shiny and manageable hair.

What does this mean for your wash day?

  • Better curl clumping

  • Less Frizz

  • Longer lasting sets with better curl definition

  • Soft and shiny manageable hair

  • Repaired damage

A cryotherapy session takes about 40 minutes, depending on hair length and thickness. A stand-alone treatment is $65 but when you add a treatment to a transformation or color service is $45. If you have thick or long hair, additional charges may apply due to product volume needed.

For the best results, treatments every four weeks is ideal. If you are harsh on your hair, you may need it more often. Well-kept hair (for example, not sleeping on a cotton sheet) will often last a little longer. We can also add the hyaluronic acid to your hair color for longer lasting color!

This treatment is great for all hair types. The best results are seen on damaged hair and curly hair. Ask me about Cryotherapy the next time I see you!

Have a great Curl Day



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