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Do I need to know my Curl Type?

Updated: Feb 19, 2022


If I told you your curl type is 3a, would that help you? Or would you look at me and ask what that means? Would you scour the internet for people with hair similar to yours and do everything they do to make your curls look exactly like theirs? Can I tell you a secret? Curl typing was originally invented by Oprah's stylist as a means to sell hair products. Guess what? It was freaking brilliant! He convinced everyone that it mattered AND that his products were the solution to everything "wrong" with your hair. The truth is, one size does not fit all, it never has and it never will. The good news is there are questions you can ask that actually WILL help you manage your frizz, define your curls or create more volume.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, I bet your wondering what IS important to know...I'm glad you asked! Here is a sample of the questions I answer for the curly girls who sit in my chair:

1. What can I do to have healthier curls?

2. What is detoxing? Do I need to detox and if so how often?

3. How do I now if I have hard water? What can I do about having hard water?

4. Do my curls need more moisture and how do I achieve that?

5. How often should my curls be cut?

6. Do organic ingredients matter?

7. What does it mean to have a Curl Routine?

8. How can I get more volume ?

9. What ingredients should I avoid?

The time I spend with my clients is designed to help them leave my Curl Salon feeling not only beautiful, but confident in their ability to recreate their style at home. Over time, they learn to style their curls better than I can! My goal is to empower every single curly girl with the tools needed to make everyday their best curl day! It doesn't happen overnight, but it most definitely happens!

Are you ready to start, or continue, your curl journey? Spend some time with me and let me help you love the curl your with! Hope to see you soon.

Have a best curl day,


Curl Specialist

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